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Aug 25, 2013 7:00pm EDT
's almanac told us. we are done here. keep in mind on fox sports 1 you can stay on oh for the must see mielts. spots sports live. a fun time. don't miss it. we'll be back monday through friday for fox football daily at 6:00 eastern time. this week we have two of the best in the league. demarcus ware tomorrow and on wednesday we'll go one on one with j.j. watt. our preseason coverage is done here at fox. next time we see you on the network will be the regular season. so for pi partners jay glazer, randy moss, and our entire fox sports crew, curt menefee saying good night. see you on fox sports 1.  d'oh. (grunts) (thunder booming) "in this exciting strategy game, "you amass resources-- timber, salt fish and wax-- "to fund the syndicate to gain influence with the doges of venice." doges? why do we have to play this stupid game lisa likes? i don't like this game. nobody likes this game. even the kids on the box look bored. they're miserable. we have to do something until the storm passes. now, just fill out these customs forms, and we can get started. (gasps) twister! no! whenever we play
Aug 21, 2013 7:00pm EDT
to build fast, cement drying! let's see. oh... english side ruined. must use french instructions. "le grille"? what the hell is that? aw, come here... get... come on, fit. you... ( grunting ) ah. yeah, that's one fine-looking barbecue pit. why doesn't mine look like that?! ( screaming ) why? why?! why must life be so hard? why must i fail in every attempt at masonry? ( screaming ) how's your father's project coming along? i think he's almost done. ( screaming ) yeah, he's done. ( clears throat ) i'd like to return this barbecue kit. all returned items must be in a box and accompanied by a receipt. well, if you'll follow the flashlight you'll see the receipt embedded here and here and elements of the box here here and possibly here. sorry, i didn't get this hammer hat by handing out refunds. oh! ( grunting ): come on. hold on, there, santa claus. that box is for toys only. well, of course. any kid would love to have this... uh, activity center. it teaches them while they learn. yeah, nice try, saint nick. now, hit the road, kris kringle. you heard me, "pear" noel. what you got there? b
Aug 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
caring. so, we're even then? not by a long shot. but i have a solution that'll work out for both of us. especially you. i don't want a cellular transmitter sticking out of my roof. we prefer to think of them as "keep in touch towers." it's called caring, marge. plus, you've increased springfield's roaming capabilities 64%. you've got to admit, marge, that's a lot more roaming. oh, i guess. hey, this is pretty comfortable. that andy capp was on to something. ugh. that antenna is an eyesore. just pretend it's a tree, honey. or as we say at omnitouch, a "progress tree." yeah, well, i hope it doesn't hum too loud 'cause i have a ton of homework to do and if don't finish it by... ( screams ) my room! what? i heard a yell. did you touch a wire? what happened to my room? nothing. they just needed a place to put all the electronic gizmos and i know much you like that science-y stuff, so i decid-- you gave away my room?! come on, lisa. try and see this from the omnitouch corporation's point of view. your father's right, lisa. cellular service is about communication and unity. community. oh... 
Aug 21, 2013 6:30pm EDT
? >> this is why china is beating us because this is what our high school math classes are doing. >> they claim it's double the cream of an oreo. only 1.86 times, not two. oreo has come out and said the mathematicians in the high school is wrong and it's twice the stuffing as in a single oreo. >> there must be a way. >> there must be a way of quantifying it. >> have a laboratory or walter white or something. >> there's got to be a way to figure this out. >> if you can't get enough cookie out of a doubled stuff, you're a fat ass. shut up! ♪ >> how are you doing? >> good. >> oh, my god! that is a person, we think. >> ariana brooks. gentlemen, ariana brooks. >> isn't it ariana grande? >> yes. >> she sings just like mariah carey. >> that's enough. we know what she sounds like. >> she may or may not be broken up with jai brooks. >> no, not jai brooks. we are not going to fake it any more. who is jai brooks? >> a youtube australian comedian. >> grande, jai, which sounds like a drink at starbucks, might be split-a-roni. but why? >> i guess justin bieber kissed her on the cheek. and this jai brooks appa
Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
park with us? no. your father drives like an old lady. at least i've got a license. ( quietly ): come on, kids. i went too far. aw, what a gyp. they're all just lying around. do something! bart, they're not here to entertain us. i've seen plays that were more exciting than this. honest to god-- plays! i don't want to pay four bucks to watch some monkey wannabe laying in the sun! but, dad, lemurs are nocturnal. don't worry, honey. daddy will fix that broken animal. no! i'm not going to hurt him. i'm just going to wake him up. ( screeches ) ( bellowing ) ( hooves thundering ) uh-oh. here's your slingshot, lisa! i told them a chain-link fence wouldn't hold rhinos. oh, wait. no, i didn't. i meant to tell them. ( shrieks ) ( screaming ) don't worry, kids. i know just what to do. jumanji! does anything from the movies actually work? aw, nuts. isn't there anybody who can round up these thunder lizards? well, they'd need a pretty rugged vehicle. and a heart to match. i'd like to help you, chief but my license was revoked. seems i'm full of rage. then do it for this adorable little puppy. look
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5